Posted on March 18, 2020


A message from Kukpi7 Wenecwtsin:

We are in a time where a worldwide pandemic is unfolding and all people are impacted in all countries. To put in place preventative measures we are providing essential services. Our Health Staff has put in place our Pandemic emergency response process and protocols. I ask that you all take preventative measures mainly washing your hands and social distancing (meaning that you do not go into high traffic areas where there are lots of people keep your distance from others). If you have travelled to a foreign country recently you should self-isolate yourself from connecting with other people. If you have elderly family members or disabled members organize a cell phone tree for all of your family to continually check in on your grandparents and parents.


As of Wednesday, March 18, all Splatsin departments are operating in ‘essential services mode’ in response to the COVID-19 pandemic which has been declared by the province as a ‘state of emergency’. It is Splatsin’s commitment to the community that vital services will continue.

Splatsin has enacted its Emergency Business Continuity Plan (EBCP) which allows daily services to operate within a limited capacity either due to location or function.

How this will affect the membership

Most Splatsin employees will continue to work as usual either from their office or from home and will be reachable Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., by email or by phone. Members will continue to be able to contact various departments (see below). In-person appointments will not be accepted.

Administration office hours

The Administration Office will be open for prearranged appointments only on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. This includes the issuing of Status Cards and Social Development applications and renewals.

Department cell phone contact information

  • Senior Executive Advisor & Housing (Steve Kulmatycki): (250) 309-2961
  • Finance & Payroll (Elaine Dowling): (250) 540-9703
  • Education (Darrell Jones): (250) 308-9290
  • Public Works (Bryce Jones): (250) 306-9364
  • Title & Rights (Loretta Eustache): (250) 306-6845
  • Lands (Cindy Couch): (250) 306-6845
  • Health (Adrienne Lewis): (250) 938-3495
  • Recreation (Kyle Crump): (250) 540-7570
  • Child Welfare Program (Cindy Monkman): (250) 306-9311
  • Membership (Elizabeth Brown): (250) 838-6496 ext. 706 (office phone only)
  • Social Development (Phyllis Jezewsky for Charlene William): (250) 306-9010
  • Human Resources (Karen Eastland): (250) 306-1310
  • Communications (Dudley Coulter): (250) 306-1540

Splatsin Health Centre

Splatsin Health Services will continue to operate only essential services until further notice. All programing is cancelled and walk-in appointments are no longer accepted. Visits to the Health Centre are no longer accepted, however, members are encouraged to phone the receptionist and ask to speak to a Registered Nurse if you have questions or are sick. Splatsin Health Services can be reached Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. at (250) 838-9538.

For questions or concerns outside of these hours, you have three options:

  • Members who become ill should contact HealthLink BC at 8-1-1 or use the Province of B.C.’s self-assessment tool:
  • Members who have questions should contact the dedicated COVID-19 hotline at 1-888-268-4319 between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. seven days a week


Splatsin’s Emergency Operation Centre (EOC) at SHS will continue to gather and publish the most up-to-date information from health authorities and other reliable sources. At a minimum, there will be a daily update on weekdays on at 4:30 p.m. including preventative measures This will also be posted to Splatsin’s main and band members-only Facebook pages. A weekly update will be delivered door-to-door for on-reserve members and an email for both on and off-reserve members.

Emergency Preparedness

Splatsin is also determining whether or not food security is going to be an issue as the pandemic could last through until August 2020. Food and essential supplies may be stocked for elders, disabled, single parents and those on low incomes. Splatsin will continue to notify the membership with updates regarding this.

Our number one priority is, and always has been, the health and wellness of our community. This is not the first challenge we have faced as a community, and it will not be the last—we are encouraging the entire membership to work together to help mitigate the risks associated with COVID-19.

Read today's daily update from Splatsin Health Services here.