Posted on January 31, 2020

Notice of Monitoring Well Construction

In February 2020, four groundwater monitoring wells will be constructed by the provincial government in the Hullcar Valley area. This work is being undertaken in partnership with Splatsin. These wells will add to three existing provincial monitoring wells that were constructed in 2019.

The purpose of these wells is to monitor water quality in the Hullcar Aquifer and understand groundwater flow. Results from this monitoring will help evaluate the success of the 2018 Hullcar Aquifer Response Plan which aims to ensure healthy and safe groundwater.

The new monitoring wells are planned to be installed at the approximate locations shown in the plan at the link below. Actual locations may differ due to constraints identified during surveying or drilling. These locations have been selected to improve the understanding of groundwater in the valley.

For further details including contact information, read here.