Posted on July 31, 2020

COVID-19 Update

Kukpi7 Christian would like to remind the community that you are not alone when it comes to mental health issues during the pandemic. Kukpi7 suggests that you reconnect with the mountains, water and land. Our mental wellness team is available to you by phone or email on weekdays. See below for resources including contact information and a self-help guide. Read Splatsin's Holistic Wellness Weekly here.

Watch this short video from Kukpi7 Christian about mental wellness during COVID-19:

  • Splatsin Health Centre: (250) 838-9538
  • HealthLink BC: 8-1-1
  • BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool: here
  • Non-heath information hotline: 1-888-COVID19

Splatsin COVID-19 Resources

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Other Resources