Posted on May 28, 2020

The State of Emergency due to COVID-19 continues in the Secwepemc Nation as B.C. begins to reopen. We are monitoring the guidelines issued by B.C.’s Medical Health Officer, Dr. Bonnie Henry, and will be developing our service delivery accordingly. We are also making non-medical face masks for all members. Scientists are anticipating the second wave of COVID-19, and although we are not sure when this will happen, we understand that we need to remain vigilant and do the ‘5 actions’ for the continued protection of yourself, your loved ones and the entire community.

  • HANDS wash them often
  • ELBOW cough into it
  • FACE don’t touch it
  • FEET stay more than 6ft (2m) apart
  • FEEL sick? Stay home

If you have planted gardens, that is excellent as we need to do as our old people did and plan for the seasons. Spring new growth and plant gardens if you can build or find ways to create cold storage either outside or in your basements. This summer, collect food and medicine. Build a smokehouse or ask someone to teach you how to smoke and preserve food and use other methods rather than freezing the food. In the late summer, harvest Salmon. In the fall, prepare to harvest animals; if you don’t hunt or cannot do so, let someone know. In the winter, learn our stories and Secwepemctsín; use the First Voices App or review information on YouTube. Do ceremonies, seasonal planning, work hard and never give up. These are lessons from our ancestors and why we are still here today.

Be safe look after yourself so you can look after your family. Our people have endured major pandemics, and together, we will survive COVID-19.

Kukpi7 Christian