Posted on May 13, 2019

Naxücltamp Tmicw (Land)

What is it?

Co-management of the Hunters Range Forest Area between Splatsin and Tolko

Hunters Range is located just outside of Enderby, BC. This area is highly culturally significant to the Splatsin people.

Background Information

Tolko and Splatsin signed a Collaborative Working Protocol in 2012 that:

Set a framework to build a productive and constructive relationship, proactively deals with issues,

And pursues opportunities of mutual interest in 2017 a Letter of Intent was signed that established •

a “co-management” area strategy to plan and manage both parties’ values, strategies to develop sustainable long-term business, employment and capacity development opportunities, and options to explore added volume and increase Tolko and Splatsin tenures

Tolko and Splatsin have since established:

a co-management area, shared vision of what co-management means,

And a road map to guide the overall planning process

Now, we are:

Looking for community members of varying ages and interests to join a Working Group This gives community members a chance to be directly involved in:

A collaborative approach to land management in the co management area that:

Fosters equitable sharing of power and decision making

Enables meaningful participation by both Tolko and Splatsin in sustainable resource management Ensures protection of Splatsin values as well as timber production

If you are interested in being a part of this important group, please contact the Splatsin Title and Rights department. Via email at: [email protected]