Posted on April 05, 2019

Sixties Scoop Important Information Contact and Sources

Collectiva (Claims Administrator)

For more information on the settlement including recent settlement notices please go to Collectiva website, email Collectiva or call the phone number below:

To get a copy of the application form or the opt out form please go to:


Or you can complete the Claim Form electronically on the Collectiva website

*Important Dates to note*

  • The deadline for submitting your Claim Form to Collectiva is August 30, 2019.
  • If you are eligible, it has been estimated that you will receive a payment Approximately around Spring 2020.

Sixties Scoop Important Information

Do you have a family member who was impacted by the Sixties Scoop that passed away after February 20th 2009?

If so the estate may be eligible to access their portion of the Sixties Scoop National Class Action Settlement, therefore it is important to have the appointed Executor or Administrator for their estate contact Collectiva directly to verify eligibility.

Excerpt from the Claims Settlement Eligible Class Members Section of Notice:

“SETTLEMENT BENEFITS 8. What does the settlement provide? (a) Individual Compensation: The settlement provides compensation to all Class Members who were adopted or made permanent wards and who were alive on February 20, 2009 (“Eligible Class Members”).”

***For more information please go to Collectiva directly by visiting their website, emailing Collectiva or calling the phone number below:

Important Information for Sixties Scoop Survivors

If you have completed an Individual Payment Application and submitted it to Collectiva, the “Claims Administrator”, but have not received a letter from Collectiva acknowledging receipt of your application package please call Collectiva Toll Free at 1-844-287-4270

to ensure your application has been received and is in process of being assessed.

If you are eligible but have not submitted an application to Collectiva to be included in the Sixties Scoop Class Action Settlement please note the Individual Payment Application Deadline Date is August 30th, 2019!

There are 3 ways to access the most current information about the Sixties Scoop Class Action Settlement:

  • Continue to watch the Sixties Scoop Settlement Website at
  • Phone Collectiva directly and speak to one of their associates
  • Email Collectiva at [email protected]

Toll Free at 1-844-287-4270