As one of 17 member organizations of the Secwepemc Nation, we, the Splatsin, aim to ensure our people occupy, use and enjoy the entire traditional territory.

In collaboration with Chief & Council, our department has two key areas of activity, informed through sustainable use of Secwepemc territory and by prioritizing our sacred and spiritual sites, cemetery, fishing and gathering and hunting areas.

Relationship Building with stakeholders and B.C. & Canada’s governments. The Title & Rights Director, support staff and Chief & Council works on exerting jurisdiction over the lands and resources through effective natural resource management, joint ventures and agreements. This includes negotiations and partnerships with resource-based industry such as clean energy, forestry and tourism.

Land & Resource Management as delivered by our multi-disciplinary Environmental Services team. Providing water resource management, environmental management and impact assessment, regulatory applications and permitting resource planning, environmental and construction monitoring and biological and ecological assessments.