Splatsin Stsmamlt Services (formerly the Spallumcheen Child Welfare Program) is an organization of talkstaltn neglmucw (social workers) and family support workers who are responsible for carrying out our community’s stsmamlt (child) and family service program.

Since 1980, Splatsin has exercised exclusive jurisdiction over the welfare of our children through the powers of: A By-law for the Care of Our Indian child: Spallumcheen Indian Band By-law #3 – 1980. The Regulations of By-Law #3 apply to all Splatsin stsmamlt (child) no matter where they are living, even if they do not live on Splatsin reserve.

Splatsin Stsmamlt Services strives to return the care of Splatsin children to the community. The long term goal of the program is to eliminate the need for foster care while maintaining preventative services. A major focus of the program is to support individuals and family strength so that children can remain in the care of their own family.

Splatsin Stsmamlt Services will provide service to Splatsin children who are entitled to be registered with Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada. Parents are required to provide a letter of intent and initiate the application process to register their stsmamlt (child).

This application must be completed and registration established within one year.