As of 2012, Splatsin is one of 164 taxing First Nations in B.C. Our property tax system enables us to issue tax notices and collect property taxes on land within our reserves, similar to that of other municipalities. From this tax revenue, we can provide services and improved infrastructure to our community and our taxpayers. This allows us as a First Nation to attract investors and achieve further economic growth.

Important Dates

January 1: BC Assessments notices are mailed out

Questions? Contact BC Assessment at 1-866-825-8322.

January 31: Appeals

If you wish to appeal your assessment you must do so by this date here.

June 1: Splatsin tax notices are mailed out

Should you not receive your notice by the first week in July, contact our office.

July 2: Taxes are due and payable

Payments can be made in-person at the Splatsin Administrative Office via cheque or cash or by mail via cheque.

July 2: Splatsin Home Owner Grant application is due

Applications must be received before the deadline. See the back of your tax notice for more details. More information on how to apply here.


July 2: an initial penalty of 5% is applicable on any taxes left unpaid after this date

Oct 31: an additional 5% penalty will be levied against any outstanding amount

*Unpaid tax debt accrues interest each day that it remains unpaid at a rate of 15% per year

Learn more: Splatsin First Nation Property Tax Law