To ensure the health and wellness of the community, many Splatsin health services will be offered by phone, text or email. Below are the services that continue to be available to band members.

Medical Patient Transport (MPT) Program

All medical transportation for routine appointments is currently unavailable. Routine appointments include, but are not limited to, regular dentist appointments, eye exams, non-urgent specialist appointments, or diagnostic tests. Read here.

Essential Services: Healthcare

  • Referrals and follow-up for those who need treatment and link to necessary services
  • Provide pre-established home health services, treatments and procedures for those assessed in priority based on health condition and function
  • Provide urgent public health and communicable disease control measures as required. Any non-essential public surveillance screenings can be delayed until later (Routine Tuberculosis and Immunization programming will be delayed)
  • Provide health surveillance and infection control protocols
  • Communication with regional, provincial and national health authorities
  • Communicate details of risk to all community members, with enhanced communication to elders and vulnerable community members


Health professionals are reachable Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

  • Reception: (250) 838-9538

NOTE: if you receive care by Meghan or Susan in your home, they may arrive wearing a mask, gloves, gown and face shield. Please do not be alarmed. We will not provide care if or when we become sick. We use Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to help prevent the spread of infection.

Learn about Mental Wellness services and resources here.