There are many financial supports available to you during COVID-19. This page is meant to act as a guide to help you navigate them.

Emergency Funding for Band Members

Splatsin has been provided with this funding through the Federal COVID-19 Economic Response Plan (CERB) based on the population as of the 2016 census of registered Splatsin members on-reserves. The amounts per band member are:

  • Adult: $300
  • Child: $150

On-Reserve Band Members

Cheques were picked up at the Band Office on April 17 & 20. Any cheques not picked up have been mailed.

Off-Reserve Band Members

Band members must the application form and attach supporting documents. Applications will be accepted until December 31, 2020. Contact the band office at (250) 838-6496 or [email protected] for assistance. Applications are available below or by calling the receptionist and requesting that one be mailed. Forms are not available for pick-up. Payment will be via direct deposit for those who include their bank information or mailed as a cheque for those who do not.

Application Form

Personal Income

  • Employment Insurance (EI): People who are eligible for EI can continue to apply for and receive EI benefits. Where benefits are less than $500 per month, recipients will receive a top up to $500 per month under the CERB. Apply online.
  • Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB): This benefit replaces both the Emergency Support Benefit and the Emergency Care Benefit. Applicants will receive $500 a week for up to 16 weeks. Apply online or call 1-800-959-2019.
  • B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers: The B.C. Emergency Benefit for Workers will provide a one-time $1,000 payment to people who lost income because of COVID-19 and are receiving EI or CERB. Application information available soon.

Low Income Individuals & Families

If you need assistance with the low income and families financial supports, call Suzy Christy, CWP Social Worker at (250) 540-4517.

  • Canada Childcare Benefit (CCB): This amount has increased by an extra $300 per child. This will be included in the scheduled CCB payment in May. No application required for existing recipients.
  • GST Credit: The Government of Canada is providing a one-time special payment by early May through the Goods & Services Tax Credit for low and modest-income families. The average additional benefit will be close to $400 for single individuals and close to $600 for couples. No application required.
  • Climate Action Tax Credit: This will be paid in July 2020 for moderate to low-income families: An adult will receive up to $218.00 (increased from $43.50) and; a child will receive $64.00 (increased from $12.75). No application required.
  • Income Assistance: this program continues to be available. Apply online or call 1-866-866-0800.


  • Tax Filing Deferral: The Government of Canada is deferring the filing due date for the 2019 tax returns of individuals. For individuals, the return filing due date will be deferred until June 1, 2020. They will also allow any new income tax balances due, or installments, to be deferred until after August 31, 2020, without incurring interest or penalties. No application required.

Housing & Utilities

  • Mortgage Support: CMHC is providing increased flexibility for
    homeowners facing financial difficulties to defer mortgage payments on homeowner CMHC insured mortgage loans. CMHC will permit lenders to allow payment deferral beginning immediately. Call your mortgage lender.
  • BC Hydro COVID-19 Relief Fund: Customers facing unemployment are eligible to receive a 3-month credit based on their average consumption. Call 1-800-224-9376.
  • Fortis BC Assistance: Fortis BC is waiving late fees, suspending customer disconnections for 90 days and offering flexible payment options for people impacted by COVID-19. Call 1-888-292-4104 for Natural Gas and 1-888-292-4105 for electricity.
  • Phone & Wifi Flexible Payments: Most phone and wifi companies are offering temporary flexible payment options. Contact your provider to apply.



  • ICBC COVID-19 Financial Support: Customers on monthly payment plans who are facing financial challenges due to COVID-19 can defer their payment for up to 90 days without penalty. Apply online or call 1-800-665-6442.
  • BC Transit: All fares are temporarily suspended and they are limiting ridership to ensure social distancing on all routes. No application required. 

Elders & Medical

  • Enhanced MSP Coverage: The MSP coverage wait period will be waived for those who are returning from impacted areas and intend to stay in B.C.