Our number one priority is, and always has been, the health and wellness of our community. Splatsin is committed to ensuring that vital member services continue during the pandemic.


What we’ve accomplished...

  • Implemented Splatsin’s Emergency Operations Centre (EOC)
  • Implemented Splatsin’s Communicable Disease Emergency Plan
  • Trained to test for COVID-19 and working closely with the Enderby Health Centre for member-dedicated access to testing
  • Secured additional PPE for use by health staff
  • Made vital physical mental health programs available to members virtually
  • Created a mental wellness self-help guide and other related resources on the website

What we continue to work on…

  • Daily communication with regional, provincial and national health authorities
  • Answering health questions and providing COVID-19 assessments over the phone
  • Referrals and follow-up for members who need treatments
  • Providing pre-established home health services, treatments and procedures
  • Providing many regular physical and mental health services over the phone
  • Calling regular patients and touching base
  • Daily virus updates on the website

See essential health services here


What we’ve accomplished…

  • Issued Emergency Funding to both on and off-reserve band members
  • Community Crisis Team (CCT): continue to deliver food hampers to 65+ alone without family, frail & social assistance clients

What we continue to work on…

  • Updating essential resources information on website weekly
  • Planning for worst-case scenarios
  • Virtual assistance for navigating COVID-19 resources
  • Food security self-help guides for community (e.g. gardening)


What we’ve accomplished…

  • Implementation of Emergency Business Continuity Plan (EBCP) to ensure vital services to band members continue
  • Closure of Splatsin facilities to protect the community and ability for staff to work effectively from home
  • Extended taxation deadlines and creation of online payment processing
  • Installed on-reserve COVID-19 safety signage

What we continue to work on…

  • Revising the EBCP to plan for reopening of facilities according to provincial guidelines
  • Planning for members who may return home to the community
  • Weekly and monthly communication to band members via website, social media, YouTube, email, phone and text as per the Crisis Communication Plan (CCP)
  • Attending and contributing to daily calls with various levels of Government and other First Nations

See essential member services here


What we’ve accomplished…

  • Closure of Shihiya School (reopening September 2020)
  • Delivery of at-home learning packages

What we continue to work on…

  • Daily contact with School District No. 83 and the First Nations Education Steering Committee (FNESC) on the evolving plans for continuing education for students K-12 in public and band schools
  • Liaising with post-secondary institutions
  • Continuity of at-home learning plans
  • Virtual recognition for new graduates
  • Additional support for post-secondary students