5775 Old Vernon Road, Box 460
Enderby, BC V0E 1V0

Phone: (250)-838-6496

Fax: (250)838-2131

Chief Wayne M. Christian

Councillor Theresa William, Sub-Chief

Phone: 250-308-8706

Councillor Edna Felix

Phone: 250-308-6811

Councillor Doug Thomas

Phone: 250-558-8133

Councillor Shawn Tronson

Phone: 250-309-8847

Councillor George William

Phone: (250)306-0104

Indian Registry Administration Indian Registry Administrator

250-838-6496 ext. 221

Fax: 250-838-6476  

Health Department 250-838-9538


Education 250-838-6496 ext. 219

Public Works & Housing Operations & Maintenance

250-838-6496 ext. 211 Public Works

250-838-6496 ext. 224 Housing

Stsmamlt Services 250-838-6496 ext. 253

Fax: 250-838-7570

Title & Rights 250-838-6496

Shihiya School 250-838-2246

Splatsin Development Corporation 250-838-0775 



Elaine Dowling, Finance Director

Lynn Nadeau, Payroll  

Leslie William, Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable clerk  

Sue Brookes, Administrative Assistant  

Elizabeth Jean Brown, Indian Registry Administrator/ Newsletter


Darrell Jones, Director

Nerissa Joseph, Education Assistant



Vacant, Director

Rachelle Keen, Health Reception  

Marla Turner, Administrative Support  

Judy Thomas, Patient Travel Coordinator

Laura Hockman, Health Lead

Adeline Simpson, Home Support Worker

Susan Lansdowne, HCC Nurse

Adrianne Lewis, Clinical Lead

Jessica Kent, Health & Wellness Worker

Katrina Mydske, Early Family Support

Pamela Nevdoff, Child and Youth Mental Health Support Worker

Darcy Robinson, Addictions and Wellness Worker

Children’s Oral Health Initiative

Kyle Crump, Youth Worker


Public Works & Housing:

Michele Niles, Director

Lisa David, Interim Assistant

Roberta Thomas, Housing Officer

Bryce Jones, Maintenance worker, Water technician

Social Development:

Charlene William, Band Social Development Worker

Stsmamlt Services:

Cindy Monkman, Director

Sheila Van de Car, Administrative assistant

Rhonda Mceachern, Social Worker

Kim Grant, Social Worker

Melissa Gruber, Social Worker

Hailey Norberg, Social Worker

Heidi Cohen, Resource Social Worker

Title & Rights:

Ray Cormier, Director 

Vikki Tronson, Administrative Assistant

Stuart Lee, Fisheries & Wildlife Manager

Trina Antoine, Cultural Resource Worker

Mike Christian, Lands Manager

Cindy Couch, Lands officer

Shihiya School:

Reidun Kopp, Head Teacher Grade 3-6

Selena Fletcher, Secretary  

Angie Miller, K-4 – Kindergarten  

Tarla-Rae Sayenchuck, Grade 1-2 teacher

Band Office: 250-838-6496
Operations & Maintenance: ext 211
Indian Registry Administrator: ext 221
Housing: ext 224
Child Welfare: ext 253
Education: ext 219
Newsletter: ext 221

Shihiya School: 250-838-2246
Splatsin Tsm7aksaltin (Splatsin Teaching Centre Society): 250-838-6404
BC Transit: 250-545-7221
Police non-emergency: 250-838-6818
Splatsin Health Centre: 250-838-9538
Enderby Health Centre: 250-838-2450
Vernon Hospital: 250-558-1200
Poison Control: 1-800-567-8911

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